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Canaries in the Coal Mine

Canaries in the Coal Mine:  Climate Change, Windmills and Birds
Russell Doty, CEO New World Wind Power, Executive Director of Green Electricity Buying Coop and Great Falls born and raised, will be our guest October 9th.  Mr.. Doty will present a program that covers global warming, bird kills as a result of global warming (it isn't just wind power that kills birds), and the cost to personally commit to reducing global warming.Mr. Doty has served in the Montana legislature, worked for the Public Service Commission, wrote environmental law in Minnesota, practiced private law and has also worked for the Untied States Postal Service in his varied career.  Come with questions, come with friends and family. 
The public is welcome to attend all Upper Missouri Breaks Audubon meetings.  We meet on the second Monday of the month at the Rainbow Retirement Center, #20 3rd Street North, across from the US Post Office.  The meeting is held in the lower level meeting room.  The meeting starts at 7 PM with bird identification and social time, the program starts about 7:30 PM.