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Letter to GF Commissioners

We members of Citizens for Clean Energy strongly object to some of the reported statements made by Lawton and Balzarini, which are consistent with what they've said in the past. Clearly, if the SME Co-op is "backing the bonds" as the story claims, then the City of Great Falls, as a partner with SME, is also responsible for their share of the bonds -- presently $125 million, but expected to rise by at least 50% over original cost projections. The difference is that SME can borrow from a federal agency, the Rural Development Administration of the Department of Agriculture, at low interest rates and guarantees against default, while the City of Great Falls will have to enter the commercial bond market and service its debt at higher interest rates and greater risk to the City and the taxpayers. If the city doesn't guarantee the bonds, they can't be sold. And even if they can, they will have "junk bond" status, with much greater risk and higher interest rates.

Our best fiscal and economic analysis shows that this plant cannot be profitable, and in fact will probably have to be shut down or rebuilt with CO2-sequestering IGCC technology before it ever generates any electricity at all. And in that case, it would have been much cheaper to build it at the mine-head and near the customers in SE Montana. Great Falls doesn't need this electricity, and under existing and forthcoming regulations, the City cannot sell it to local commercial residential and commercial customers. They are not "the default provider" -- Northwestern Energy is, and they aren't planning any more coal-fired generation, either.

The fiscal and economic arguments against the Highwood Station are far more compelling - at least in the short-run - than the environmental and health care risks and costs, and each is more than decisive by itself. The city is wasting our time and money by pursuing this boondoggle. It is time for them to call a halt to it, before they embarrass themselves and destroy our local economy and quality of life any further.

Portage Route

On Thursday, Aug. 17, the Buzz question "Do you think the proposed coal
plant would adversely affect the Lewis and Clark portage route?"

Please participate and vote YES! 771-9824.

This coal plant will definitely degrade the quality of the experience
of visiting the portage site, which is located 1.25 miles from this
industrial eyesore.

Why vote yes? Read the front page banner headline in today's Tribune.

Federal agencies rank this as a Class IV of IV (highest) grade of
visual interference.

The constant 24 hour industrial noise will drown out all the natural

The visual and auditory changes are irrevocable.

The person who is the plant's greatest proponent wants to sell his
property to the plant.

This plant belongs in an industrial site, not in front of our most
scenic view.

This is visual pollution. Not only will there be increased haze, but
the plant will become the dominant feature of the landscape.

(City Manager John Lawton has said that this "history stuff" isn't that
important...let's tell him he's WRONG). Heritage tourism is important
to our economy, and as other places become increasingly less
attractive, it will become more and more important.

Library Movies

Hi, Folks, this is the end of the petition drive- yes!  If you have any petitions please send them to Stuart Lewin 615 3rd Ave. N. Great Falls, MT 59401
Also there is a 9:30 a.m. meeting on Friday at the Park and Ponder.  44 concerned citizens came to the library last night.  It was great!  lIsa


Worth the viewing. Lisa Hardiman 455-6412

Public Service Announcement
For immediate Release August 8, 2006
Contact:  Lisa Hardiman at 455-6412  
Citizens for Clean Energy (CCE) is hosting a program about Global Warming on Tuesday, August 15th at the Great Falls Public Library (301 Second Ave. North) from 6 to 8 p.m..  There will be a panel discussion after the showing of two excellent documentaries entitled “Too Hot Not to Handle” which offers a guide of global warming in United States, and “The Air We Breathe” which documents overwhelming evidence that toxic particulates from coal generated power plants cause asthma in children.  These documentaries were provided to CCE by Marie Claude-Guy from HBO Corporate Headquarters with permission to use to educate the community on public health and environmental impact of the proposed the Highwood Generating Plant will have on our community and the earth.  A no-host dinner/snack will follow at the Rio Grill (220 Central Ave) at 8 p.m.   For further information about CCE call Lisa Hardiman at 455-6412 or Richard Liebert at 736-5791 or check out the web site at