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EIS Hearing 7/27/06

Dear Citizens for Clean Energy: The most important hearing for our cause is coming up on the draft EIS on July 27th. This will be the last meaningful opportunity for public input on the coal-fired plant. A copy of the Environmental Impact Statement may be viewed at HYPERLINK "http://www.usda/gov/rus/water/ees/eis/htm" http://www.usda/gov/rus/water/ees/eis/htm or HYPERLINK "" or a hard copy is available at the Great Falls Public Library. You may also request your own hard copy by contacting Kathy Johnson at 406-444-1760 (email There is no charge for the document or the postage. The document is 700 pages long, but in the days ahead key points will be brought up and emailed to you in time of the public hearing. There will be a meeting of our members to discuss the public testimony of the EIS on Friday at 9:30 a.m. on July 21st at the Park and Ponder on the back patio. It is critical to have presence at this meeting and to publicly testify on July 27th. Written comments are also encouraged. Written comments need to be received by August 15th . CCE has requested an extension of this deadline, but at this time it is uncertain if this will be granted. These comments must include name, mailing address and date. A copy on a computer-generated disc should accompany all hardcopy comments over one page in length (although this electronic requirement is not essential, according to Mr. Fristik). All comments are part of the public record, and by law the government is required to address each concern. Question may be emailed or phoned to Mr. Fristik at 202-720-5093 ( Mail comments to: Richard Fristik USDA Rural Development, Utilities Programs 1400 Independence Ave. SW Mail Stop 1571, Room 2237 Washington D.C. 22050-1571 Or: Kathleen Johnson Department of Environment Quality Director’s Office P.O. Box 200901 Helena, MT 59620-0901 From the dates July 18 through the 28th any email message that needs to be passed to the group must have the word URGENT in the subject line. Also updated information will be in our web site, HYPERLINK ""

Climate Change Meeting 7/13/06

FIRST CLIMATE CHANGE ADVISORY COMMITTEE MEETING SCHEDULED Helena - The first meeting of the Montana Climate Change Advisory Committee has been scheduled for Thursday July 13, 2006 in Helena. The meeting will be held from 9:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M. in Room 111 of the Metcalf Building at 1520 East 6th Ave. The public is invited to attend the meeting, which will begin with a welcome by Lieutenant Governor John Bohlinger. Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Director Richard Opper said that he is very enthusiastic about launching this project. "Coming to terms with global climate change is absolutely essential to the welfare of Montana's present and future generations," Opper said. "Finding solutions will require the kind of vision and leadership that our kids will look back on and be proud of." The Climate Change Advisory Committee will formulate recommendations for specific actions to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide. The Council will also identify opportunities to promote energy efficient technologies and clean, renewable energy resources that will enhance economic growth. "Reducing and/or improving the efficiency of our use of energy is key to Montana's economic and environmental future," Opper said. The first meeting will focus on process issues and reviewing background information. The Committee is being assisted by the Center for Climate Strategies, a non-profit organization, which will help facilitate and provide technical assistance.
For more information about the meeting contact Lisa Peterson, DEQ Public Affairs Coordinator at 406-444-2929.