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June 2006

Group Name Finalized 6/30/06

At the meeting of June 30th. The group decided the name should be "Citizens For Clean Energy" or "CCE".

DRFT EIS 6/29/06

The EIS may be viewed at or  Hard copies are available at GF public library, MT state library in Helena, Mansfield library, UM Missoula, Missoula Pubic Library or MSU in Bozeman.

CARE Name 6/28/06

At our Friday June 30 meeting we should decide what CARE should stand for.....Citizens Advocating Responsible Energy, Citizens Advocating Renewable Energy, or Citizens About Renewable Energy. Most folks I've talked with like the first option because it does include the possibility of IGCC, which many of us recognize needs to replace the old PC plants at Colestrip and in Billings. However, I also know that we all agree that renewable options are much more desirable and see IGCC as a last and not a first resort to the energy future of our state and our planet.

Governor's Contact Info 6/26/06

Someone on the list suggested we write Schweitzer and tell him our concerns of  the Highwood Station and Gov. Schweitzer’s endorsement of it than please email him or write him at:
Office of the Governor
State Capital
P.O. Box 200801
Helena, MT 59620

Tribune Article 6/26/06

This is an article from this morning's paper about a public hearing on
buying power from the city. The public meeting will be this Wedneday at 10
a.m. at Heritage Hall, MSU.

The message is ready to be sent with the following file or link attachments:

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Highwood Power Plant 6/25/06

Dear folks:  As those who read the Tribune know Schweitzer endorsed the Highwood plant.  It really means we need to focus on what we can do like the EIS and writing letters with hopes that the DEQ will give up the cap and trade.  Don’t forget to write your written comment to
Board of Environmental Review
1520 E. Sixth Ave.
P.O. Box 200901
Helena, MT 59620-0901
And say that we need mercury regulations. 
Here are web sites worth a viewing.
and some states actually passed mercury emissions regulations.  Here is an example of a bill in Connecticut.
Please know that we that there is faith still and hope.  Peace, Lisa Lotte Hardiman