CCE Legal Expenses Fundraiser

Wind, Water, Solar, Hydo...Future is ecat


CCE & MEIC have fired the first legal shot on December 21st in Helena, Montana against Department of Environmental Quality for the issuance of an air permit for Southern Montana Electric (SME) to build a coal-fired plant just outside Great Falls. See the "Events" menu for more particulars on this.

This is but one of the legal challenges we are pursuing against SME and our own Federal Government agency the Rural Utilities Service (RUS). We have filed a lawsuit in Federal Court against the United States Rural Utilities Service (RUS) who is funding this coal-fired plant boondoggle, in our backyard, with our tax dollars.

If the County Commissioners again approve the rezoning for this plant in January 2008, we will be faced with more legal expenses to have that issue resolved in court once again. Our local landowners along with CCE and MEIC were successful in our first legal challenge on that issue against Cascade County early this past year 2007. We can and will do legal challenges again, on this issue, should it become necessary.

Please click on the PDF link below to aid in our legal effort to defeat SME. Print it out and send in your donation ASAP so we can continue this legal battle to protect and enforce your "Montana Constitutional Rights" to a clean and healthy environment.

Thank you and
"Happy New Year" from all the folks at CCE and MEIC.

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