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What will Great Falls get in exchange for the loss of our National Historic Landmark - The Lewis Clark Portage Site?  Answer-NOTHING!
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Citizens For Clean Energy, Inc.

Wind, Water, Solar, & Biofuels.....future

Cold Fusion (LENR) Replications Click here

The Energy Catalyzer "E-Cat" has gone commercial
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Southern Montana Electric Generation & Transmission Cooperative declares bankruptcy and CEO Tim Gregori suddenly retires! Read the story here
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Citizens for Clean Energy, Inc. (CCE) is an all volunteer group of Montana citizens from many backgrounds and political persuasions. Our objective is to convince decision makers that adequate, clean, efficient, and cost effective energy for our community, state and world can be obtained without destroying our health, lifestyle, environment and our heritage.

We are united by a very deep concern about the harm fossil fuels cause to our world. Fossil fuel fired generators and their days are numbered. With all the resources available in this country, there are many good solutions for clean power to serve our needs.

Write the Governor to investigate
Advanced LENR research, Stored Wind Energy, Pumped Hydro Storage, New Solar Power, Biofuels, and Geothermal Power as base Generation in Montana. Our state has many areas where these resources can be utilized to great benefit in producing electricity and other energy uses. Lets put "Clean Power" ahead of "Fossil Power" to save our environment and perhaps the very lives of our future generations.

Even when just one citizen shows courage, that is a majority." Andrew Jackson